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This budget heavy-duty shell case is ideal if you are feeling a bit poor after buying an Apple i Pad Pro 10.5The New i Pad Pro 10.5 inch case from Supacase is a heavy-duty model that can protect your i Pad from all kinds of assaults. It has a dual layer protection that offers full protection to your i Pad from external shocks, bumps and drops. This means, there are no chances your screen can get scratches from the inside.It has precise access to all sensors, ports, cameras and speakers. You can pre-order your share from the registered website.

The packaging is slim and the presentation is smart.

It comes with an enclosed ID card, credit card and license holder.

This is the complete package you will ever need for any short trip. You can access the speakers, camera and charging without making added adjustments.

It includes auto-wake features that can be set according to lid functions.

The lightweight and slim design makes sure that you can carry it around in your hand. There are no bezels around the screen; this allows unobscured gestures and swipes.

The Mo Ko i Pad Pro 10.5 case is tough on the outside and soft on the inside.

This keeps your i Pad safe from external injuries and protects the screen from the inside from scratches and nicks.Three strong, independent Israeli-Palestinian women try to square their liberated, hedonistic lifestyles with the stultifying restrictions of conservative family life, in Maysaloun Hamoud's charming and vital drama. We follow a rave DJ instigator rigging up decks in abandoned warehouses, a nosebleed 'techno tourist' who chases the hardcore around Europe and a girl addicted to... Its smooth edges and slimmer design is a delight for product design aficionados as well. It is just the right size for all tablet users that comes with a turbo-powered battery. You must have thought quite a bit and saved up before buying the i Pad Pro.The cover fits seamlessly to keep the design smooth and simple.The Balance FOLIO 10.5-inch i Pad Pro Case comes with a stand that totally seals the deal. It protects your i Pad Pro form all scratches and bumps. Use the Balance FOLIO 10.5-inch i Pad Pro Case guilt-free and give your Apple i Pad Pro 10.5 a new lease of life with this new case design.​The Pasonomi Premium Leather Case Stand Cover with Card Slots is the ideal design for the compulsive i Pad Pro user. It has a weatherproof finish that offers excellent protection to your i Pad Pro 10.5 inch 2017 model if you are prone to using it under all kinds of circumstances.This design has a hardback cover with a sleep/awake option.