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In fact, these studies reported that AAC may actually increase speech instead.

If the child is able to see the benefits of learning these skills (they get to communicate), they are going to be more motivated to work hard to master them.For example, if you are offering your child two foods for snack, show your child a picture of each of those two foods and then show him the picture of the one he ended up choosing.Every time your child asks for more, you can hold up the picture and say the name of the food again.Imagine if your child with autism was able to push a button to tell you what he needed instead of crying and throwing a fit on the floor.So what if he wasn’t able to tell that to you with spoken words.The term Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) describes any means of communication, aside from traditional speech, that allows someone to use language.

This can include using pictures, gestures, sign language, visual aids, or speech-output devices like computers.With no risks and possible improvements (in terms of speech production), it’s definitely worth a try!On top of that, AAC allows a non-verbal child the ability to communicate a message to the listener even if he is not able to speak it.Show the Child How to Use the AAC The first thing you must do is model how the AAC is used.The best way to do this is to use the AAC system when you are communicating to the child.Many of these are reviews of several different research studies.