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Dick Neff, banjo; Doug Baumgardt, hammered dulcimer; Dick Mosehauer, guitar and mandolin; Nils Niemeier, mandolin and fiddle; Jenny Martin, fiddle Contact: Dick Neff at 703-938-2546 Durham Station Bluegrass Band Traditional bluegrass with some older country tunes thrown in.

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Tom Espinola, mandolin, guitar and vocals; Kristen Jones, cello and vocals; Kara Falck, vocals Contact: 301-652-3265 or [email protected] | Twitter | You Tube Robert Mabe Robert Mabe plays and sings bluegrass music!Josh Grigsby, lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Crystal Grigsby, vocals; Mark Mills, lead guitar and vocals; Judge Parker, banjo and vocals; Robert Kidd, upright bass; Whitney Perkins, resonator guitar For available dates and booking information contact: Bookings/Information: Crystal Grigsby at [email protected] Josh Grigsby at 540-376-2512 Facebook Dee Gunter & The Dukes of Bluegrass Dee Gunter, lead vocals and guitar); Mike Munford banjo and vocals; Dave Robertson mandolin and vocals; Tom Lyons, fiddle; Brian Eldrith, bass Contact: 443-695-4894 Handsome Molly Washington, DC and Central Maryland Playing traditional and contemporary bluegrass.Kathy Hanson, guitar, banjo and, vocals; Kristina Ellingson, bass Contact Name: Kathy Hanson at 240-731-4911 or [email protected] The Hard Travelers Kenn Roberts; Mack Bailey; Mike Munford, banjo and vocals; Jon Glik, fiddle; Ira Gitlin, bass Contact: Rachel Levy at [email protected] Hazards Maryland Eric Knowles, banjo and vocals; Matthew Geiger, guitar and vocals; Gregg Bowers, mandolin and vocals; Dave Repass, bass; Mark Baker, dobro and vocals Contact: Eric Knowles at [email protected] Murphy Henry Heavy Traffic Ahead Montgomery County, MD Lou Janesko, fiddle; Mel Peters, bass and vocals; Bob Craig, banjo and vocals; Alex Orr, mandolin and vocals; Russ Burnett, dobro, guitar, and vocals; Billy Park, guitar and vocals Contact: [email protected] The Hickory Project Anthony Hannigan, mandolin and vocals; Jillian Hannigan, flute, pennywhistle, and vocals; Josh Sudigala, guitar; Ed Lick, banjo and vocals; Steve Belcher, acoustic bass Bookings: Anthony Hannigan at [email protected], or Jillian Hannigan at 570-250-7464 or [email protected] High and Wides Marc Dykeman, guitar and vocals; Sam Guthridge, mandolin, banjo, and vocals; Nate Grower, fiddle; Mike Buccino, bass Facebook High Ground Bluegrass Band Ben Swary, guitar; Rick Altis, bass; Jimmy Almarode, mandolin; Jeff Ritchie, banjo Contact: 540-743-7379 | 540-248-1289 | [email protected] Washington, DC Belen Pifel, vocals; Chuck Andreatta, banjo and vocals; Nick Backer, mandolin and vocals; Lee Benaka, fiddle; Tom Lalley, guitar and vocals; Jerry Del Rosso, bass Contact: Lee Benaka at 202-271-5868 Facebook | Twitter Scott Holstein and the Old Back 40 Band Nationwide Scott Holstein is an American country and bluegrass singer-songwriter and West Virginia Music Hall of Fame nominee.Charlie Oakley, upright bass and lead vocals; Glenn Waller, guitar and vocals; Johnny Ridge, fiddle and vocals; Tim Newcomb, banjo; David Nance, dobro and vocals Contact: Charlie Oakley at 336-503-3363 or [email protected] The Old Part Of Town Baltimore, MD Bluegrass, Roots, and Americana; originals and covers Matt Douglas-guitar, resonator, slide, and vocals; Sam Nitzberg-guitar, ukelele, harmonica, and vocals; John Seay, bass and vocals; Steve Raskin, percussion and vocals; Kurt Hammond, electric guitar; Marc Wexler, mandolin and vocals Bookings: [email protected] Old Town Tradition Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Folk, and Americana Roots music Brian Renzella, guitar and vocals; Marlo Lewis, mandolin and vocals; Evan Sands, banjo; John Werntz, bass and vocals; Pamela Ferguson, fiddle Booking/Contact: [email protected] Blue Night We specialize in an acoustic Americana style of music, focusing on tight harmonies and clean instrumental work.Jason Hannan, guitar and vocals; Michelle Droneburg, guitar and vocals; Mark Baker, resophonic guitar and vocals; Will Meadors, bass and vocals Contact: Jason Hannon at 301-401-2102 Facebook Only Lonesome Neel Brown, guitar and vocals; Stefan Custodi, bass and vocals; John Seebach, mandolin and vocals, Sam Guthridge, banjo; Tom Lyons, fiddle Contact: [email protected] Akira Otsuka Mandolinist Over Under Down Yonder Mike “Hobo” Hanson, guitar and vocals; “Boxcar” Herb Manila, mandolin and vocals; “Rollin'” Ralph Heymsfeld, banjo and vocals; Tyler “t-peg” Bunch, bass and vocals Bookings/Contact: 571-277-0448 or [email protected] Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass Danny Paisley, guitar; Ryan Paisley, mandolin; T. Lundy, fiddle; Eric Troutman, bass; Mark Delaney, 5-string banjo Bookings: Jim Roe at Roe Entertainment, 865-982-8885 [email protected] Parker six and eight string resophonic guitars Contact: PO Box 314, Clarksburg, MD 20871 or [email protected] Pending Eldred Hill, mandolin and vocals; Leigh Taylor-Kron, bass and vocals; Rusty Williams, guitar and vocals; Keith Dill, fiddle; Joe Zauner, banjo Bookings: Wendy Williams, 2086 Sulphur Springs Road, Inwood, WV 25428, 304-229-2802 or [email protected] Patuxent Partners The DC area’s best straight-ahead, hardcore 1950s style, traditional bluegrass band.Marv is joined by some the region’s finest entertainers, delivering a quality and fast moving show.

Aspen Run (The Martin Brothers) Westminster, MD Herb Martin, vocals and guitar; Herb Martin III, vocals and guitar; Clayton Martin, vocals and mandolin; Aaron Martin, vocals and bass; Guy Herbert, banjo Aspen Run is a family-centered band located in Westminster, MD.Joe Mc Aunulty – winner of the 2015 Deer Creek Fiddler’s Convention bluegrass fiddle contest.Jesse Eisenbise, guitar, vocals; Wade Yankey, mandolin; Joe Mc Anulty, fiddle, vocals; Jeff Campbell, upright bass, vocals; Mark Rast, banjo, dobro, vocals Contact: Jesse Eisenbise at 717-449-9368 or [email protected] | Twitter | You Tube The Copper Ridge Band Richmond, VA Paul Birch, mandolin; Mike Cluverius, banjo; Charles Jackson, fiddle; Devona Cristobal, guitar; David Williams, bass Contact: Charles Jackson at 804-794-1452 or [email protected], or Mike Cluverius at 804-337-7837 or [email protected] US Navy’s Country Current Bluegrass Band Kenny Ray Horton, guitar and vocals; Keith Arneson, banjo and vocals; Pat White, fiddle and mandolin; Daniel Stewart, bass and vocals; Patrick Gulley, pedal steel guitar; Christina Catalanotto, musical director and percussion Bookings: 202-433-3676 or Navy Band [email protected] Country Gentlemen Tribute Band The band provides music of the various Country Gentlemen configurations through the years, using Waller’s voice as the focal point.Bob Artis is also the author of “Bluegrass” the first book of the history of bluegrass music, published in 1975.Bob Artis, mandolin and vocals; Bernie Cunningham, guitar and lead vocals; Karen Artis, bass and vocals; Radford Vance, banjo and vocals: Michele Birkby-Vance, fiddle and vocals Contact: Karen Artis at 412-731-7631 or [email protected] Bluegrass Coalition Mid-Atlantic region Roger Green, mandolin and vocals; Larry Conner, guitar and vocals, Terry Wittenberg, banjo and vocals; Mike Hartnett, fiddle; Jim Duvall, bass Contact: [email protected] Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition California, MD Jay Armsworthy, guitar and lead vocals; Tom Gray, bass; Marc Bolen, banjo and lead/harmony vocals; Mike Phipps, mandolin and lead/tenor vocals Booking/Contact: Jay Armsworthy at [email protected] Arty Hill & The Rock Hearts Arty Hill, guitar and lead vocals; Jack O’Dell, guitar and vocals; Heather Twigg, fiddle and vocals; Ira Gitlin, banjo Contact: Arty Hill at [email protected] Ashby & High Octane Berkeley Springs, WV Marv Ashby, guitar and vocals; Doug ‘Beardie’ Moats, bass and vocals; Jack Van Orden, banjo; Larry Crawford, fiddle Contact: Marv Asby at 304-258-6211 or [email protected] the West Virginia Panhandle comes that hard-driving ‘no holds barred’ bluegrass music, courtesy of Marv Ashby and the High Octane band.Josh Ray, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, lead and harmony vocals; Pam Ray, bass, lead and harmony vocals; Jubal Taylor, banjo, lead and harmony vocals Contact: Pamela Ray at 304-542-7595 Reverb Nation Randy Barrett and the Barretones (Falling Mountain Music & Shenandoah Acoustics) Randy Barrett, guitar, banjo, and lead vocals; Tom Gray, bass and vocals; Tom Mc Laughlin, guitar, mandolin, and lead/harmony vocals; Alex Sens, dobro (Sheerhorn); Dede Wyland, guitar and harmony vocals Bookings: contact Randy Barrett at [email protected] Bentwood Rockers MD, DC, VA Old friends back together playing traditional and new Bluegrass Ken Tackett, guitar and vocals; Stafford Markham, banjo and vocals; Pat Markham, bass and vocals; Dave Goldman, fiddle; Dan Shipp, mandolin and vocals Contact: Ken Tackett at 703-477-5272 Big Chimney Band Avril Smith, guitar and vocals; Katie Scharf, fiddle and vocals; John Seebach, mandolin and vocals; Alex Sens, dobro; Jeremy Middleton, bass and vocals Contact: [email protected] Hillbilly Bluegrass Bob Perilla, guitar; Mike Munford, banjo; Tad Marks, fiddle; Elizabeth Day, vocals; Merle Johnson, mandolin; Pete Kelly, bass; Craig Hopwood, sound Bookings: contact Bob Perilla at 410-442-1304 or [email protected] Information: [email protected] Virginia Sky James Adkins, guitar; Sammy Shelor, banjo; Steve Lazar, bass; Scott Slay, mandolin; Dale Lazar, percussion Bookings: 850-261-5954 or [email protected] Moon Cowgirls Karen Collins, vocals and fiddle; Lynn Healey, vocals and rhythm guitar; Ann Porcella, vocals and guitar; Ira Gitlin, vocals and lead guitar Contact: Karen Collins at [email protected] Spruce Hard driving traditional and original bluegrass.

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