Fart chat

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Fart chat - she looks intimidating

year and I started hanging out with this Girl Zoe, she was lactose intolerant and loved farting. But one day we were watching Netflix and eating pizza and she says "hey can you grab my phone for me it's right by my butt" and while I was back there she...

Als u iemand ziet die u kent, is het niet toegestaan om dit bekend te maken! Wanneer u seks heeft met een van onze leden, dan is het uw verantwoordelijkheid om uzelf te beschermen tegen soa? Respecteer de seksuele verlangens van andere leden.There are several terms to describe different kinds of jargon including anacronym, backronym, weather acronyms, city acronyms, leetspeak and textonyms.BTW: If you ever see someone TYPING AN ENTIRE SENTENCE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS that means SHOUTING!I had this desk mate that liked playing little tricks on people.After a few days we got used to each other and that's when he found it fit to play a nasty trick on me with this girl... I had a friend who thought it was funny to have me stick my face into her and her sister's butt and let them fart in my face. It was heavenly and it happened every Friday for about a year before they moved away.I hated it at first, but when she had finally let me up I realized how much I enjoyed it.

So, during the following days I tried as much as I could to **** her off so she would sit on me, and it worked. It does some things to me when I hear a attractive woman let out a fart. When she farts in public, damn that makes it even better.I haven't been part of EP long but I've loved my stay, the stories others have made and the people that I've talked to (and their farts!) Wishing you all bad gas in all the best ways ;) or 13, there was this girl that had pinned me down and sat on me.If you like brain training games like brain dots and games that help your brain with no wifi (that you can play offline), the Rapi Tapi is for you!You have 90 seconds to tap as many dots in sequential order as possible.Acronyms have always been an integral part of computer culture, and they have since spawned a new language on the Internet.