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Another bonus: Telemedicine helps patients receive care sooner in their pregnancies, says Raegan Mc Donald-Mosley, MD, chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood of Maryland.A study of Planned Parenthood’s Iowa telemedicine effort, also led by Dr.

The nationwide team provides assistance to the host city’s human trafficking task force by providing online monitoring as well as street outreach and response. states — and the process, called telemedicine abortion, could soon become a game changer for millions more people. Taken with a drug called misoprostol, it’s FDA-approved to end pregnancies that are up to 10 weeks along (after that, a surgical procedure is required). In 2000, hope arrived in the form of mifepristone, the so-called abortion pill.(The group, which is not the only one running such programs, declined to say which states, for fear that politicians will rush to pass more restrictive laws.To find out what’s available in your area, call the national Planned Parenthood hotline at 800-230-PLAN.)The frustrating legal tangle has created a new risk: Women are ordering mifepristone and misoprostol online, without a prescription.The research organization Gynuity Health Projects is running a program in four states (Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, and Washington) that lets women video-chat a doctor and then receive the pills in the mail, along with instructions.

“When I meet with patients in their home, they feel a lot safer,” says ob-gyn Ghazaleh Moayedi, DO, a fellow in the Division of Family Planning at the University of Hawaii John A. We'll be tweeting the latest on kids and travel with Family Getaways editors, Royal Caribbean International and others. Where should families and multigenerational groups book for 2018?She was the program director and legal counsel until July 2013.She assisted in numerous direct rescues, transports, and extractions of victims of sex trafficking.And it enables both Twitter veterans and budding enthusiasts to practice their skills.

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