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It’s a critical part of adolescent development, but with reports of increased violence occurring within relationships, there is growing concern about how that early experience with dating aggression can impact young-adult relationships.

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None of them live in my state and certainly don't go to my school. He was really cute, with a big smile that could light up a room and long curly hair. I know my tongue isn't razor sharp, so I blamed my braces.

Yet, note the authors, “psychological aggression in teen dating relationships is an understudied phenomenon.” “When early dating experiences are unhealthy, it may negatively affect teens’ view of what a healthy dating relationship should look like,” says lead author Deinera Exner-Cortens, a doctoral student in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University.

Girls who experienced dating violence were more apt to turn to binge drinking and smoking and have suicidal thoughts as young adults compared with their peers who had not been in aggressive relationships.

Boys flirt and hug my friends, but they just whisk by me as if I don't exist. I would literally sprint to another continent if anyone even mentioned playing that game.

Maybe they're afraid they'll get cooties, but this is high school so I doubt it's that—but it sure feels that way. Unless, it was a group of trans kids…and that's a whole different story worthy of its own sitcom. We giggled a lot, and had fun on our "playdates." We peck-kissed a couple of times.

These particular teens may have the mental stability and patience to find someone they’re compatible with.

For teens, dating is about more than just finding a boyfriend or girlfriend.Five years later, that same group was questioned about health behaviors — things like suicidal thoughts, self-esteem, sexually risky behavior, depression, smoking and drug use — as well as if they had been the recipient of aggressive behavior by their partner in the past year.That could include being threatened with violence, pushed, shoved, hit, slapped or kicked.Let's face it, your average straight cis-gender teenage boy isn't going to pursue a relationship with a trans-girl.Even if he does find her attractive, it could be social suicide if he acts on his feelings. I don't mean to sound harsh, and I know for a fact that there are some boys who don't mind dating girls with male genitalia, but the majority won't. It's something I dream of, something I want to feel.

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