Erase without invalidating iterator

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Erase without invalidating iterator - dating laws in indiana

A colony is the highest-performance C template-based data container for high-modification scenarios with unordered data.

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In any case, the name is a little clearer in your intentions than simply resizing the vector.These workarounds are many and varied, but the most common are probably: All three techniques have the disadvantage of slow singular insertions, and the first two will also continually expand memory usage when erasing and inserting over periods of time.The third deals better with this scenario as it swaps from the back rather than leaving gaps in the elements vector, however will suffer in performance if elements within the container are heavily referred to by external objects/elements.It's insertion speed is also much faster than a vector's.Memory from erased elements is either reused by subsequent insertions or released to the OS on-the-fly.In addition if you are interested in benchmarking you can also download the plf benchmark suite (44kb zip file), which includes plf::nanotimer.

Colony meets the requirements of the C Container, Allocator Aware Container, and Reversible Container concepts.Colony is an attempt to bring a more generic solution to this domain.It has the advantage of good iteration speed while maintaining a similar erasure speed to the boolean technique described above, and without causing pointer invalidation upon either erasure or insertion.If you erase all elements in any given group in a colony, the group is removed from the colony's chain and released to the OS - at that point any erased element locations present in the erased-location stack are also removed. Authors are not liable for any damages arising from its use.The distribution of a modified version of the software is subject to the following restrictions: Download here (32kb zip file) or view the repository The colony library is a simple .h header file, to be included with a #include command.Nevertheless, the initial motivation is presented below.

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