Dynamic dns not updating

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The client is expected to send a transaction signature along with the update request.

This forces DHCP server to manage the entire lifecycle of your client’s A and PTR records.

When we check the DNS server, we can see that the A record successfully is created.

On the capture, we can see secure DNS update message being sent from the DHCP server (Note that the DNS clients always tries insecure updates first and gets rejected by the server). But for production environments, with multiple DHCP servers, this is not enough.

Given this background, let us explore some of the options available to setup DDNS for Linux based clients.

In this series of posts, I will explore 3 options: Point 3 is important to me since I had to work out a solution at work where we are using hundreds of Raspberry Pi’s, all booting the same image cloned on to flash disks.

The problem is that, in such setup the DHCP server becomes the owner of the A and PTR records (see below).

It is fine as long as the DHCP server is alive to create and remove records.

The two options above correspond to the two cases discussed in RFC4702 For our Linux clients, the option we need is the last check box.

Let us turn this on and trigger a DHCP request from our client.

While Linux has proliferated extensively in the server arena in the recent past, client networks are still dominated by Windows devices.

This means, things that we take for granted in a client environment such as DDNS are not as matured as they are in Windows environment.

Every time a Windows PC gets an IP address from DHCP server, it would send a DNS Update (Opcode = 5) request to its registered DNS server.

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