Discovery health dating for dummies newworld

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Discovery health dating for dummies newworld

The definition still works; the changes come in terms of how to manage it.” There are jurisdictional issues, too, a complex weave of differing laws surrounding the export of information from one country to another.Earlier this year, Microsoft was ordered to produce, for US-based litigation, email information stored on its Irish servers despite arguing this amounted to an illegal search. Among other more obvious and visible shifts are the ever-changing nature of data storage, the software required to mine it in the discovery process and the skill-sets of an emerging profession.

In 2004, United States district court judge Shira Scheindlin issued a groundbreaking ruling on e-discovery (Zubulake v UBS Warburg), considered the first definitive case in the area.

She eventually found herself an “e-discovery and digital forensic consultant” at the Espion Group, specialists involved in numerous cases, including some related to the Bernie Madoff fraud in the US.

“You will have technology geeks who know how to handle large amounts of data and treat it properly,” she says.

But where one side didn’t have that experience, the courts were experiencing significant difficulty because of a lack of trust.

“So having a standard which someone who was not familiar with e-discovery might be able to use was perceived to be very useful.” While such guides are by now essential, the sands of e-discovery and related technology are constantly shifting and the law, or at least its practice, must keep up.

“Before electronic discovery, it was not uncommon to see large legal teams photocopying and printing huge volumes of hard copy data and manually reviewing each document, which was an arduous and time consuming task,” says Leonard Mc Auliffe, who heads up information security and forensics at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Pw C).

“This process has become unmanageable in this digital age where one average personal computer can hold up to 10,000 lever arch files of data.” These days, brands like NUIX, Relativity and Clearwell all provide the necessary systems to search, file and present information on platforms tailored for the legal profession, often using “keywords” to guide them through the electronic maze.A relatively new concept, e-discovery has spawned a new, entirely self-contained industry, one whose dominant characteristics have been forged in the US and which is developing almost more quickly than the law can keep pace with.As a legal concept, discovery has existed for generations in systems derived from English common law – or, in other words, in most former British colonies.Mr Justice Frank Clarke of the Supreme Court, speaking at a conference in London in May, explained its value.“While there was great expertise in major law firms about how to handle e-discovery, it was quite confined to those major firms.It provides for the exchange of information between two warring factions so as to assist in the smooth running of subsequent litigation.

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