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When Lindy realizes what happened, the two share a passionate kiss on the side of the street.

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Old Montreal and Laval were used as filming locations, and Mount Royal Park in Montreal served as Central Park in New York and other outdoor locations.

"It's a very commercial idea that I get to tell in a highly artistic fashion," he said. You're talking to someone who is a fanatic about it [prosthetics and movie make-up] and I've never seen anything that looks remotely similar to this." The makeup consisted of 67 pieces; seven pieces went on his head and 60 tattoos and individual scars were applied after the full-body makeup.

Barnz also said; "There was this sort of hyper-modern version of this story and that it was told from his perspective, which we'd never seen before and thematically, because it's all about beauty and how you look and inner beauty that this was such a great story set in the teenage world and for teenagers, because it has such a great message to it". The facial prosthetics and tattoos took almost three hours to apply and the full body makeup took the artists six hours to finish.

Kyle bullies Kendra Hilferty (Mary-Kate Olsen), not knowing she is a witch; she transforms him into a hairless, scarred, heavily-tattooed shell of his former self.

If Kyle does not find someone who loves him by the next spring he will stay altered permanently.

In January 2011, the release was moved forward to March 4, 2011.

Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer) is the arrogant and vain son of news anchor Rob Kingson (Peter Krause).Kyle tells her to go, but as she leaves, Lindy tells him that she loves him, breaking the curse.Kyle's former self is restored but Lindy does not recognize him and tries to call Hunter but Kyle's phone rings instead.He visits Kendra to plead for more time; she refuses, but agrees to restore Will's vision and grant green cards to Zola's three children in Jamaica if he gets Lindy to fall in love with him. Lindy calls him after reading the letter, but a heartbroken Kyle does not answer the phone.Persuaded by Will and Zola, Kyle goes to meet Lindy one last time before she leaves on a school trip to Machu Picchu.Among the products were proprietary and co-branded games and puzzles by Fundex; figures and bobbleheads worldwide by Bif Bang Pow!

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    The Vikings established Danelaw over much of the eastern and northern part of England, with its boundary roughly stretching from London to Chester.