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As for the "double standards" of nudity vs the sex industry in Thailand, this has been discussed ad infinitum, with everybody having their own views. Even go-go bars and massage parlours operate discretion - and those bars with "special acts" probably find themselves paying very large backhanders for a blind eye to be turned. Privacy also applies to the private members' area here.

I was not talking about being naked in front of the hotel - God forbid.We are naturists and dont want to offend, so thats, why im asking. The Thais are outwardly accepting and forgiving folk. I've seen the Thais and their response on Samui to skinny dipping by foreigners. They were concerned the local spirits would cause them all sorts of strife if this was let go on.And, over time, these sort of things do add up against foreigners .) Same if you go to a go-go bar or request any services from young ladies.You enter with an intention, you know what to expect.And the other way round - My wife and I were back in the UK for a month earlier this year.

One day, we went to Cambridge and canoed the upper river to Grantchester.

Just as you dont go to Thailand for its Mexican food, so dont go for naturism.

It is our privilege to visit, stay to live in such a marvellous place and incumbent on us to respect the country for what it is.

In Greece we often have driven hours on dirt tracks to lay on rocks - just to make sure we didnt offend the locals. In Greece - where nude bathing is forbidden, and where you will offend seriously, if you do it on almost any public beach - its tolerated at deserted spots (greek naturists seek out those places aswell) - so thats why i asked.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well - forgive me for this: But generally speaken its a bit ironical that things that goes on in many contexts (Go-Go Bars, etc) at many popular touristsplaces in Thailand - and with participation of thousands of Thais - is accepted, but a descrete nude bathing would be offending the Thai cultur..?

Wife and I normally visit Greek Islands in the summer, but next year we want to try something new, and we found HH to be the place.