Depredating feral hogs

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“Hot air balloons, on the other hand, don’t require the same costly fuel and maintenance as a chopper.“But the big appeal seems to be that balloons are more stealthy than helicopters.

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But, adding balloons to the arsenal shows just how serious state officials are about controlling hog populations.

“The Texas Wildlife Code, Section 42.002 says no resident may hunt any bird or animal, including hogs, without obtaining a license,” Cooper said. According to the code, same section, in the ‘C’ subsection, ‘A resident landowner or the landowner’s agent or lessee may take feral hogs causing depredation on the resident landowner’s land without having acquired a hunting license.’ “There’s a difference between the two.

If you’re hunting, planning to take a trophy and meat, you need the license.

“Even when you have everything else right, this one is easy to mess up, and the trouble that this error can net you is no small thing.

Odds are, you know someone who has made this unfortunate mistake.” Imagine that a friend has a helicopter or is in rotary-wing flight school.

“But that’s not to say you can’t run afoul of the law and Texas game wardens—arguably the most powerful law enforcement officers in the state.

To stay on the good side of the game wardens and wildlife laws, you still need to be in the know and within the rules.

He added that the aerial hunting is allowed with a permit to manage wildlife from aircraft.

“Helicopter hog hunting has been very popular in Texas, but it’s also very expensive,” Cooper said.

Others prefer to chase pigs with dogs, and dispatch their prey with stout knives.

And helicopters aren’t the only means of aerial assault upon hog populations.

Interested parties assert that the feral hog and coyote populations continue to be significant problems for landowners across Texas. 3535 assists with the management of these populations by authorizing the taking of depredating feral hogs or coyotes using hot air balloons. The bill requires the commission to adopt rules as necessary to implement the bill. Amends Subchapter G, Chapter 43, Parks and Wildlife Code, by adding Section 43.1076, as follows: Sec.

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