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Ages: All Sample event: Thanksgiving potluck The Fort Collins Sports and Social Club Mission: Meet new friends, singles, and outdoor sports enthusiasts near you.Ages: All Sample event: Halloween Zombie Toga Party Fort Collins Newcomers Club Mission: The Newcomers Club gives you an opportunity to make new friends through special interest groups and social activities.

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Now their children are grown up, furthering their educations, dating on websites and finding spouses to fill unconventional roles in cohabitating relationships.

But with online dating and even more instantaneous dating apps, with all these options and choices, Harman says: "People are spending less time getting to know partners and more time looking for alternatives."For many, finding a partner isn't necessarily the goal.

One alternative It's a Tuesday morning in south Fort Collins, and inside the Egg & I restaurant, eight women and two men are sitting down for breakfast.

Alexandra Bernasek, a CSU professor in economics, says she's not surprised that finances play a large role in today's decision whether or when to marry."Two people marrying with significant student loan debt creates an extra burden for each one and makes it less likely the couple can afford to save to buy a house, pay for kids, let alone save for retirement," Bernasek wrote in an email. He is a CSU graduate student in atmospheric science; he just turned 27; and in the seventh grade, he was told he looked like Ben Affleck. For every 100 women ages 25-34 around the country with post-graduate degrees, there are 77 never-married men with similar credentials, according to Pew.

On top of debt, with wages stagnant and costs of living rising, "it would make sense that younger adults are more anxious about finances."The second biggest reason young adults say they haven't married? Even less of those men, around 67 of them, are employed.

"In a recent study by Pew Research, half of 25- to 34-year-olds in America have never been married.

By 2030, Pew predicts nearly three in 10 men in that grouping will still never have been married.

The Breakfast Club is a social group for singles 50 years and older but not a dating site, its Fort Collins co-founder, Janey Skinner, says.

In any given week, the 130-member club with annual dues of might have a soup-off planned, a breakfast, a few dinners, an archery lesson, midnight snowshoeing excursion or a trip to Denver for an art exhibition.

But for now, being a single guy in Fort Collins, "you're in a losing battle."Jennifer Harman is a CSU associate professor of psychology, specializing in intimate relationships.

Harman says Fort Collins' particular mix of college and industry, combined with social and geographic mobility, make young people less likely to invest in relationships here."With those factors," she said, "of course you're not going to see a lot of commitment at that age."Pick me up, Tinder On the smartphone app Tinder, and new dating sites such as Grouper, the old ways of in-person and even online dating have never been farther away.

In the New York, Newark and Jersey City area, Pew found that 65 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds were single, compared with Fort Collins' 48 percent.

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