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Code geel Meteo Limburg liet eerder al weten dat er in de loop van woensdag kans zou zijn op enkele pittige onweersbuien, met kans op hagel en forse windstoten.

The plot leaves a lot to be desired in Gothic 4 with a very dry and mostly standard storyline that doesn...

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Dutch #innovative urban architect @SRoosegaarde takes inspiration from nature to make #infrastructure more #sustainable and more beautiful without damaging the planet.

` Later heeft ie wel vaker verhalen over zn andere mama verteld.

Ook is hij een tijd onrustig geweest nadat zn opa was overleden.

Soms zaten we in de auto en dan zei hij opeens, kijk mama, opa is er ook! Ook zei hij dat hij, als hij bij oma was, altijd opa op de bank zag zitten.

Na een tijdje hoorde ik hem er niet meer over, en ik vroeg ernaar.The game was originally released in 2004 on consoles (Play Station 2 and Xbox) but eventually found its way to Windows and Mac (2009) with i OS and Android releases in 2012.Read More » Jade Empire is an action RPG originally released for Xbox and Windows but has more recently been added to the Xbox Marketplace for Xbox 360.The storyline of Skyrim has very few links to the previous games and mostly uses game references that won’t ta...Read More » - Games Like Chivalry, Games Like Darksiders, Games Like Dragon Age, Games Like Fable, Games Like Fallout, Games Like Far Cry, Games Like Gothic, Games Like Mass Effect, Games Like Mount and Blade, Games Like Red Dead Redemption, Games Like Shadow of Mordor Returning to the roots of the franchise Risen 3: Titan Lords promises fans to step back to the original formula of Risen and undoing some of the choices made in Risen 2 game design.Read More » Dragon Age II is the second game in the hit Dragon Age series developed by Bio Ware and continues the fantasy adventure with a number of new features.