Dating without drama book

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Dating without drama book

4 Milk Blurring, to be exact) and has recently selected No.12 (Maxi Red) as her personal favorite.For a youthful blush, try A’Pieu’s Creamy Cheek Chok blusher, formulated with milk extract and cacao seed butter.

This slice-of-life drama was such a sweet and empathetic look at the travails of its titular heroine that it’s one of my favorite dramas of all time.Her character Jang Yoon-ha chose to play out a bad-girl persona on her first date, and her makeup is killer here with smoky eyes and nude-peach lips. I recommend Banila Co.’s Seoul Fox Tail dual eyeliner for an intense line that doesn’t budge throughout the day or date.This is actually my personal favorite because it’s so different from your typical Korean makeup look and highlights the inner bad girl we all have (don’t deny it! It has both thick and thin edges that you can customize to create the winged eyeliner of your ambitions.And then there are the first dates you want to be a disaster.If you’re ever set up by well-meaning friends/parents/coworkers and want to make a strong impression on your first date, then take a page out of Uee’s makeup book.Kim Bok Joo was so endearing and honest and we cheered for her as she navigated the storms of unrequited love.

She proved that you could be both strong and feminine, and her first date makeup is fresh and pretty, highlighting her large eyes and doll-like features.

Bok Joo’s eye makeup is very light, focusing more on a doll-like flush on cheeks and lips.

As one of the faces of Laneige, Lee Sung Kyung has used its two-tone lip bars in her dramas (No.

I love COSRX’s One Step Pimple Pads for removing the oil, sweat, and dirt that builds up on my face during the day.

I follow it up with Laneige’s Fresh Calming Serum, perfect for moisturizing my combination-to-oily skin without breaking me out.

I used to spend hours trying to decide what to wear, conscious that first impressions are powerful, despite the well-worn clichés my mother would throw at me like “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I describe my style as “classic,” which is usually just personal code for “lazy.” In fact, I’m so lazy I now have a specific “First Date” outfit that I wear to every single first date so I don’t have to work my poor little brain cells trying to come up with an acceptable look.

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