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His left side was totally immobile and he was getting easily distracted and wasn't comprehending things as fast and he just wasn't himself at all. If the front door is opened a crack, he'll start telling. The corner of a sheet was in the drawer he pushes the laundry on the floor and slams the drawer and broke it. I had already made the decision not to visit anymore unless something changes.

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My dad got worse and so my mom called he ambulance again and he was taken to a different hospital, which said he did have a stroke. What could make him act this way...latest thought I had that maybe he is stuck in a place where he just feels comfortable with his immediate family and friends and is kind of stuck in the past yet certain memories about me irritate him.... I have googled this and can't find anyone stating they have experienced this and would love to know if anyone here has....

He is definitely determined to get better, but the way his mind is right now I don't think he will be able to go back to work, which scares me because my dad loves my job. He had a right brain stroke which has left him paralyzed on the left side.

Plus, he has been sad a lot of the time and emotional which is expected, but I don't want his saddens to get in the way. It affected his L side, cognition, and a little speech. From wheelchair to just having a brace on his L leg. He walks with a cane but has no use of his left arm. His processing speed and his attention span is severely affected and he has attempted and failed to get his drivers license 3 times.

Kids are a great way to help older people become more active (e.g. It's difficult at the moment as not only having to deal with everything that has happened I'm having to deal with his partner who is confusing him more by saying things like you will be out of hospital in a few days and talking about other stresses around him. Hi, I hope someone can help or confirm that what I think could be true.

throwing a ball with the kids, going shopping with them, coming to watch their sporting events, etc.) If she doesn't have enough stamina to go out in the community then choose something easier at home. His ears still work and this is stuff he doesn't need to hear. Tricia I'm having a real hard time since the stroke. My brother and his wife have been apart and now divorced for 3 or 4yrs now. On several occasions she has made allegations that ex boyfriends have abused her or stalked her.

Yelled at me and told me that she's the parent and can do what she wants and I'm the child. Then she went in to my dad and said I'm tired of you putting them above me. I have my older sister who I talk to sometimes but not about everything because I feel like I'm being ridiculous or ungrateful, I'm grateful to still have my dad with us obviously, its just hard because we don't know if he will be able to work again and my life could be very different from now on and that's just hard to deal with a little. Plus, I don't have the best relationship with my mom. My mom can just be over the top sometimes and it just adds way more stress. He thinks I'm cheating on him with a young man (we're both in our 60's) who he thinks I allow to use our home when we're not there, using his shower and his soaps. I can't leave him, even though I want to because I'm so miserable, but he can't take care of himself what do I do?

She could just care less about my feelings right now. He thinks that I'm giving this man money for sex and that I keep him in another room while he sleeps. Comment from If you haven't already or haven't done so since he started having delusions, I recommend visiting with his doctor regarding the delusions to see if any meds could help.

My dad wasn't really even focused on it, he was mostly worried about work and was sending out emails to coworkers about how he wasn't going to come in that day. Every time I've seen him he has gotten irritable and angry even though we spent quality close time together especially in the months before this all happened.

My mom made and appointment for the doctor and let him rest until then but when my mom when to get him up he got totally worse. Now the family is saying I shouldn't visit anymore cause it is getting him upset.

On the other hand, she has become this other person mentally, not changing her clothes or showering for days.

This is a person who could not stand to go 8 hours with out a shower.

i too am looking to educate myself as much as possible. and for the first twelve days i was told that her brain was swelling to the point that it would shut her heart off.

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