Dating telefunken tubes

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It sounds remarkably natural on a wide range of acoustic instruments and the human voice.

It is a superb example of German design and engineering, and even today has few competitors.

The 75A boasts a very light duralumin diaphragm and voice coil (30mg), giving good transient response. The other end of this lever is positioned inside of a stationary coil of wire.

It is also claimed that the microphone is impervious to wind, making it an excellent choice for outside broadcasting and sports reporting. Surrounding the coil of wire is a stationary magnet.

Indeed, the company have often boasted that all of their products are tested to military standards (MILSPEC).

Even though the Model 430 was made for the civilian, domestic market it nevertheless trades on its military heritage with the name ‘Commando’ and it’s distinctive, camouflage green head!

The grill design featured in the technical leaflet above was used on the earlier models. As the ferrous lever is moved by the mic diaphragm, the lever disturbs the magnet field.

If you buy a Mélodium 75A it is worth noting that it has very low impedance (10 ohms) and will require the services of an appropriate preamp. This induces an AC signal (the audio signal) in the coil of wire.

However, a microphone of this quality does not come cheap. When AKG produced the remarkable D224 (c1967) they went to great lengths with their twin capsule design to eliminate proximity effect, and create a wide, flat frequency response from 30Hz-20 k Hz, regardless of distance from source.

With the MD441 Sennheiser took a rather different approach.

Also, the plug socket on the 75A is peculiar to Mélodium! Answer Link: Difference between controlled reluctance and controlled magnetic This type of mic was originally designed for military applications.

Michael Pettersen Shure Historian The CR/CM elements have a high output (making them suitable for transmission over large distances) and require no additional transformer.

At low frequencies this microphone exhibits the directional characteristics of a cardioid mic, with excellent rear rejection.

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