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Within its walls are 24 buildings constructed mostly of grey cut stone.The Officer's Barracks, a neo-Norman structure built in 1831 by the British Army, has been the residence of the Governor General of Canada since 1872.

The fort is an uneven star shaped citadel and comprises four bastions and three straight curtain walls, all constructed with locally quarried sandstone.The residence today has a total of 153 rooms over 4,459 m The entrance into the original area of the residence is through a set of double doors beneath a neo-classical porch bearing the words GOUVERNEUR GÉNÉRAL on the frieze and the crest of the Royal Arms of Canada in the tympanum.Within is a foyer with marble tile floor and a stair descending to the basement and, through another set of doors in a screen with translucent leaded glass sidelights and fanlight, is a hall; both rooms are in the Georgian style, in beige, cream, and gold.The Citadelle is a National Historic Site of Canada Cap Diamant's strategic value was identified by Samuel de Champlain in 1608 and led him to found Quebec City at the base of the escarpment.The promontory was practically insurmountable and thus the only side of the settlement ever to be heavily fortified was the west, the only one not naturally protected by the hill.It is located atop Cap Diamant, adjoining the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, Quebec.

The citadel is the oldest military building in Canada, and forms part of the fortifications of Quebec City, which is one of only two cities in North America still surrounded by fortifications, the other being Campeche, Mexico.

The wing contains a separate entrance and ceremonial foyer with twin spiral staircases ascending to a piano nobile; the stairs have wood handrails with aluminum pickets and between them is a niche for sculpture.

On the upper level is an event space, lounge, and sunroom with a terrace overlooking the St. The former two areas are fully barrel vaulted and linked together by a continuous, narrow skylight in the roof under which crystal pendants of different lengths hang and transfer the natural light into the rooms.

Additionally, daily at noon, a cannon is fired from the fort, the sound of which can be heard throughout Quebec City.

Originally, two guns were fired each day, at pm to alert Quebec City residents of the lunch hour and Angelus, or noon-day prayer and at pm, marking the curfew for gunners and soldiers in the city.

the existing star fort was built between 18 under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Elias Walker Durnford of the Royal Engineers.

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