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Its creator Gustav Eiffel once said: “Every year, it enthralls millions of visitors, and is in fact the most sought-after paid monument anywhere in the world.

Visit Sainte-Mère-Église, walk Omaha and Utah beaches, and pause to reflect at the American Military Cemetery.Eating dinner at the Eiffel Tower combines two quintessentially French experiences - enjoying delicious food, and looking out over picturesque vistas.For most of its history, Normandy was a typical French vacation destination.It has sprawling farmlands, rich forests and calm beaches, making it an ideal setting for those looking to get a little bit of relaxation.That all changed in 1944, when it was chosen by Allied forces as the location for their invasion and eventual liberation of France.Discover three distinct regions — Provence, the French Riviera, and majestic Paris — on one comprehensive trip.

Visit Nice and Monte Carlo, sip wines at tastings in the Rhône Valley, tour Paris with a private guide, and much more.

Experience the cultural delights of Paris and the fairytale castles of the Loire Valley on a trip designed with families in mind.

Family-friendly hotels and engaging activities for kids and adults alike abound.

With your driver and English-speaking guide, roam the intoxicating landscapes of Provence.

Follow in the footsteps of painter Van Gogh—visit his olive groves and sun-drenched fields.

Or, embark on a river cruise through Burgundy with stops along the way.