Dating site for cancer patients

18-Feb-2020 18:22 by 6 Comments

Dating site for cancer patients - delta goodrem dating voice contestant

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Or would you feel they may again become ill and you would not want to be a part of it. I know and understand the feeling of being sick (not many our ages haven't had some form of illness).the possible detriment that could bring to a relationship.Should a person be upfront about any illness they may have had that could be an issue in the future? For someone that was ill.becomes ill after we've started a relationship is not the deciding factor of that date/relationship.

Does he handle stress well, get plenty of rest and exercise, and pay attention to his diet? And yes, we should all be open and upfront about such issues.

I pay more attention to his current lifestyle choices and his health now. would you cross the road after seeing an animal get hit or killed? Yes, I live in a fantasy..that's how I'd like the world to be. I mention my cancer history after a few dates, giving those who would run from it a chance to do so before I get attached to them.

But then there are those who say "no problem" and think they mean it, but then can't or won't deal with the emotional and physical consequences when the cancer becomes active.

I went through a few years of physical therapy only to have a second heart attack.the second stroke at the age of 44.had to start the therapy all over again.

I worked hard for over nine years total.get to a point where I can do alot of things most people do daily and I took for granted.without most or any feeling in some parts of my right side.

The type of man I meet aren't the type that would worry about such is never the reason why things don't go further. I can't see any reason why someone in our age group would not date a cancer survivor. (from someone who HAS crossed that street) I would really have to evaluate the situation if it ever came up in my life again.

I think that your illness is more in the forefront of your mind than it would be in a potential mate/date. I once dated a cancer survivor...every single flippin' chance he got he would refer to himself as a "transplant body"! This isn't the reason we're no longer together but it sure was annoying.

I can have a stroke or a heart attack at any given moment.

I don't put this on my profile..before I meet someone.. I have other complications caused by this the case with alot of diseases.

I finally had to break off the relationship because the way he was acting caused me hurt and stress.

I would rather a man honestly say "I have to leave you, I can't handle your illness" than to be a coward and pick fights and run away from the problem until I have to break off the relationship.

I don't ever want to get close to someone again and then have them turn on me when I'm so ill, because it's a devastating feeling.*felinity..warning heeded.thank you so much for your candor. I was never told that it is or can be a fatal disease.pretty much took it all as just a pain in the *ss.than a serious disease.