Dating sedimentary rock layers

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Six qualitative diagnostic criteria typical of the Inundatory Stage and five criteria associated with the Recessive Stage of the Flood are developed. Many examples of the use of the criteria are mentioned.

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The placement of the boundary affects our view of the Flood, such as its catastrophic extent, the detail of events, the amount and intensity of post-Flood geological events, etc.However, the location of the Flood/post-Flood boundary is quite controversial.With respect to the geological column, there have been three main schools of thought Lowering the boundary within the geological column is a predictable progression since some of the criteria used to define a post-Flood environment in this school of thought, such as hardgrounds, are also found in the early Paleozoic.The above schools of thought represent a considerable divergence of opinion, and as a result, contradictory concepts of the Flood have developed.All three schools of thought have used informal criteria.Klevberg modified the length of the Inundatory Stage to last 150 days, at which time the entire globe was finally covered by water.

Then the Floodwaters retreat off the continents during the Recessive Stage that lasted 221 days. Following the Flood, there was an Ice Age of roughly 700 years duration.For instance, it makes a difference whether the boundary is in the late Cenozoic or at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary when it comes to the number and variety of animals that disperse after the Flood from ark representatives.It may also affect burgeoning creationist research in baraminology.The list of criteria is not exhaustive, and there may be debate on the relevance of each criterion.The criteria are currently qualitative, but it is hoped that further research will enable quantification.The Coconino Sandstone is suppose to be a wind-blown desert deposit, but what desert deposit today possesses such a flat lower contact over such a large area, and if covered by more sediments, would form a flat upper contact? Early in the Genesis Flood, regional or continental scale currents would be likely.

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