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Dating ru love cc

The two governments organized a summit to take place on the Core World of Alderaan, where delegations from both factions would meet to deliberate the terms of peace.While representatives of the Empire and the Republic conferred, the Sith launched an unexpected assault on the Republic capital world of Coruscant.

Harsh restrictions were even placed on Republic personnel who were acting in compliance with the treaty.This armistice was first proposed by the Sith Dark Council, under the leadership of the Sith Emperor.Although wary of possible ulterior motives, the Republic's Galactic Senate accepted the offer out of desperation.The agreement was heavily opposed by certain interests within the Republic, including Jedi Master Dar'Nala, General Elin Garza of the Republic Military, and the Royal House of Alderaan.Such opposition to the treaty led to the initiation of a galactic Cold War fought between the Republic and Empire both directly and by proxy.The Republic's victories lasted a short time however, as the Emperor changed strategies and put in motion a plan to secure the Mandalorians as allies in the war against the Republic.

Imperial Intelligence agents sponsored the rise of a new Mandalorian leader The conflict continued for several years with the Sith continually gaining more ground.That slow response resulted in numerous victories for the Sith, including their seizure of the Aparo sector and their victory at Korriban.The Republic continued to suffer heavily as the Empire targeted key supply sources, such as the Sluis Van Shipyards, which were destroyed, and the Rimma Trade Route, which was blockaded.After capturing the Tingel Arm in a successful campaign early in the war, the Empire moved to secure the rest of the Outer Rim Territories.As world after world fell to the onslaught of the Sith, the Galactic Senate of the Republic was deadlocked on how to proceed with the defense of the galaxy.The Empire secured the Outer Rim with the capture of the Seswenna sector in 3671 BBY and began plans to stab inwards towards the galactic core.

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