Dating pre 64 winchesters

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Dating pre 64 winchesters

ADL, BDL - Suffix designations used by Remington to signify grades of various models of bolt action rifles. The BDL version generally adds a hinged floorplate, slightly better wood, checkering, contrasting forend tip and pistol grip cap.

Recoil from fired cartridges invariably impress a discernable ring on the breech or bolt face of a firearm, providing some evidence of the amount of use it has seen.

Photo Alex Henry Forend - A forend with a circumferential groove at the tip, typical of this fine Scottish maker, (for tying a rifle into a vehicle-mounted rack? Adopted by the traditionalist Bill Ruger for his single shot Model No. Photo Alkanet Root - Alkanna tinctoria or Anchusa officinalis, related plants of the Boraginaceae family, whose root, when steeped in a solution of turpentine and/or linseed oil makes a reddish stain favored by the London gun trade to impart an underlying reddish hue to fine gun stocks. Photo Ambidextrous Safety - A safety catch that can be operated by either hand.

Of benefit to left-handed shooters and in the event of an injury to the right hand.

Photo Aperture Sight - See Peep Sight APUN - Action Patent Use Number.

Under patent law during the period of greatest creativity in the British firearms trade (circa 1860 - 1910) gunmakers typically numbered each patented component with its own number of use of the patent (not the number of the patent itself as registered with the patent office as in the USA)---irrespective of the serial number of the firearm.

Anson Forend Release - A catch for securing the forend to the barrels of a break-open gun, operated, via a longitudinal rod, by a pushbutton exposed at the very tip of the forend. Anvil - A small metal block, inside a Boxer primer, against which the blow of the firing pin causes the priming compound to be pinched sharply---and thus detonated.

In the Berdan system, the anvil is built into the cartridge case's primer pocket.While there is no proof law in the USA, in England, to ream out the bore of a shotgun by more than 8 thousandths of an inch would render it out of proof and illegal to sell without passing re-proof.Backstrap - Rear, metal, part of a handgun---which together with the frontstrap, provides a mounting frame for the grips.Photo Baker Ejectors - A type of mechanism, built into the forend of a break-open firearm, utilizing a direct-acting coil spring to kick out a spent shell while only raising an unfired shell far enough to remove manually.Photo Balance - The handling characteristic of a break-open gun.Back Action - A sidelock action where the mainspring is mounted rearward towards the butt.

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