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I think I'll keep clear of Lonsdale Street this weekend.

That was the harassment I suffered for the two hours I spent there, and I saw many other young women subject to similar actions.Female staff at the neighbouring Mc Donald's told me they had similar experiences."They'll say anything creepy about you and try to lure you back into the [Summer]nats."She said some men even parked in the Mc Donald's carpark at night, waiting for the women — and teenagers — to finish work."Sometimes we have to go out and tell them to leave the young girls alone," Taylor said.Organisers can try to control the actions of the 100,000 devotees who attend their festival each year, and most of the women I spoke to believed they had been largely successful in these attempts.Speaking of dirty jokes, I’ve also been saving up my “Larry and Balki are super-probably totes gay” gags during the past few weeks’ moratorium. We open outside the Caldwell, where we find the window open.Last season ended with a double X, a sign of death and deletion.To see whether these efforts were enough to tackle Summernats' infamously sexist culture, I grabbed my sunscreen, braved the sizzling heat and entered the festival.

I was particularly keen to determine whether most long-time female attendees believed the behaviour could be eradicated, or if they accepted it as an inevitable by-product of these types of events.But it was clear to me that their best efforts had not shaken the sexist and preying attitude of some event-goers.And as the experience of the Mc Donald's workers showed, the power and influence of Summernats' organisers stops at the gates.As I was leaving the event, I thought back to the heckles I, and many other women, experienced while walking down Lonsdale Street the previous night.I concluded that behaviour was almost as offensive as what I saw inside the event.Thursday night was the first time I had ever been uncomfortable there, and I was still 7 kilometres away from the Summernats gates.

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