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All Limoges factories produced blanks; many still do.

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For some patterns, decorated (and some undecorated) blanks went to another factory or workshop for finishing.Because of the vast number of patterns, it is often difficult for collectors to identify a piece.Several helpful Limoges Haviland identification resources are: Searching for antique Limoges dinnerware to complete a set or a place setting is both fun and challenging.In this case, a stamped circle of gold on the back of the reader's plates tells the story.Reading "Art China," it indicates that The Art China Decorating Company applied gold incrustation. A: Seen in images sent, the reader's plates have Limoges, Hand Painted, 22 Carat Gold, and French Decoration stamped on the back.

There are four differing Colonial scenes in the plate centers.

By the beginning of the 1800s, the porcelain industry was no longer under control of the Royal family.

Private factories began producing Limoges china and their pieces were highly desired both in Europe and America.

After David's death in 1879, the company was split apart by a rivalry between his two sons and two Haviland China companies emerged: A fourth Haviland china company was established in Bavaria in 1907 by Jean Haviland, the son of Charles.

His company manufactured their china under the name The Johann Haviland Company It is estimated that there were between 30,000 - 60,000 different patterns of Limoges china made at the four factories.

Lacking info on size and because the writer calls them chargers, implying large size, we infer that they are intended as service plates.