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It’s a Valencian gothic construction begun in 1381 and completed just under 50 years later.

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Elsewhere you can spot sand tiger sharks, penguins, walruses, dolphins and sea lions.If you’re feeling spritely, it’s possible to climb the 207 steps up a slightly precarious stairway to the top for great vistas 50 metres above the city.The big sight at the top is Miguel, the famous bell cast in 1432 and weighing over ten tons.Let’s explore the best things to do in Valencia: It can be difficult to wrap your head around the City of the Arts and Sciences.The attraction is a staggering ensemble of ultra-modern structures that are given an ethereal quality by the reflecting pools that surround them.La Lonja de la Seda is the finest a monument to Valencia’s golden age, when the city was one of Europe’s main centres for trade and culture.

The name means “Silk Exchange”, where traders from far flung pats of the Mediterranean would meet and make deals.

It all adds up to a day out adults and little guys won’t soon forget.

Tickets are available online: Oceanogràfic Entrance Ticket This majestic late-15th-century building is a UNESCO site and held as the masterpiece of Valencian gothic architecture.

Between each landmark is a maze of little streets with cafes, restaurants and local amenities or artisan shops.

To beat the heat in summer stop off at a square like Plaza de la Virgen for a cool glass of horchata, a drink made with ground almonds, tigernuts and a variety of grains and flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla.

Like most historic centres in Spanish cities the heart of Valencia is made for wandering.

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