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Israel's president Reuven Rivlin himself congratulated the couple, whilst denouncing Lehava's incitement as akin to 'rodents gnawing under the shared democratic and Jewish foundation of Israel.'At the wedding of his own daughter in 2014, Mr Gopstein said were an Arab waiter to be found at the venue, the waiter 'would likely be looking for the closest hospital', according to the New York Times.After the main course, a video of the event shows some of the guests wearing masks and dancing and jabbing the air aggressively with table knives.

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In a recording of the hotline obtained by Mail Online this week, the group has dropped the specific demand for informers and instead advertises martial arts seminars for the training of the 'Jewish Honour Guard'.' Since its establishment, Lehava launched anti-Arab campaigns everywhere from shops and beaches to the synagogues and schools, bidding the public not only to report any Jewish-Arab romantic liaisons, but also not to rent Arabs apartments, and not employ them in workplaces.On the group's current answerphone message, Lehava praises 'Avihay Bakery', saying 'finally they fired the Arab who bothered the Jews'.Aged 14, he met the extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane and became his ardent follower and activist.'The most important was that he spoke the truth, he wasn't scared. Activists from 'Talking in the Square', a grassroots organisation that every Thursday night holds a counter- Lehava gathering in Jerusalem in order to promote pluralist discussions of many core issues, say that the far-right activists have used a number of violent means to intimidate Arabs in Jerusalem.On the night that the 16-year-old Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu Khdeir was kidnapped, beaten and burned alive in a Jerusalem forest as the Israel-Gaza war raged in the summer of 2014, Lehava and other activists were out on the streets of Jerusalem, spouting racist and violent propaganda, Giora, an activist from 'Talking in the Square' says.YOU MUST CLICK ON THE TITLE AT THE TOP OF THE EMAIL TO REACH THE JEWISH HUMOR CENTRAL WEBSITE, FROM WHICH YOU CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON IN THE VIDEO IMAGE TO START THE VIDEO.

Racist extremists who set up a 'hotline' to inform on Jews in a relationship with 'Arabs' and who targeted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are openly peddling hate and violence - but the Israeli government won't act.I did it because we must fight in every way attempts to discriminate among people because of their race, colour, sex or sexual preference,' Mr Yaalon said.Orly Erez-Likhovski, a lawyer from Israel religious Action Centre (IRAC), says the organisation has been monitoring Lehava from its inception and has filed numerous complaints, letters and petitions to the country's attorney general.'Lehava's basic message is that Arabs are enemies of Israel and that contact with them will lead to disaster and the kidnapping of Jewish girls to Arab villages.'At the marriage party of Morel Malka (a Jewish woman who converted to Islam) and Mahmoud Mansour (a Muslim) in 2014, Lehava organised loud protests outside the wedding venue, where crowds of activists screamed 'Mohammed is dead,' and 'Death to Arabs.' In the weeks prior, Lehava published a copy of the wedding invitation on their Facebook page and invited activists to come to protest the union with 'banners and bullhorns,' while a court issued a restraining‚Äč order against the group, bidding them to remain 200 metres away from the venue, The Times of Israel reported.A crowd of Israeli supporters also gathered opposite the Lehava protestors, holding a counter-demonstration as a show of support for the couple.Pictured: Dov, a co-ordinator for the Lehava in his Israeli town, out in Jerusalem with activists on a Thursday evening But it does not stop there.

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