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She had originally intended to get the job done in the foreseeable future, but it took much longer than she had expected.

It consists of a forty-three-page ‘Préface’ especially written for this edition by Bernard and four other articles by him about Van Gogh: the two introductions to the series of letters to Bernard and to Theo that had appeared in the Mercure de France, the 1895 introduction to an edition of the letters in book form that had come to nothing, and the essay on Van Gogh that had been published in Les hommes d’aujourd’hui.Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional uptime, stability and support, which continuously meet or exceed their performance requirements.With hindsight these efforts to publicize Van Gogh’s correspondence can be seen as preparatory moves towards the final breakthrough: the second decade of the twentieth century witnessed three publications that were crucial to knowledge of Van Gogh’s life and work and to the artist’s wider international reputation.The design of the book was clearly conceived with an eye to the bibliophile market; nowadays it is a collectors’ item.The typography is generous, with wide margins, a hundred reproductions of Van Gogh’s drawings, letter sketches and paintings in black and white and two colour reproductions ‘hors texte’. The cover, designed by , bears a simple ornament, the title and the publisher’s name in handwritten lettering, printed in orange and blue.He must have known that Van Gogh had written unflatteringly about him in letter 655; the passage in question had already appeared in the Mercure de France of May 1893 (p. had a major influence on the Van Gogh reception in the Netherlands.

He published widely on Van Gogh, in the journals he ran, Moderne Kunstwerken (1903-1910) and Beeldende Kunst (1913-1938), and elsewhere. Inleidende beschouwingen (Amsterdam 1911), a didactic introduction to Van Gogh’s work for a general readership; the aim of the book was ‘not to praise this man and elevate him above all others through abstract argumentation or enthusiastic words, but to demonstrate his greatness with his work as the example, in other words through that work itself’ (p. He gave lessons and courses on modern art, frequently using Van Gogh to illustrate his ideas.

Perhaps he felt that his friend’s memory required such corrections.

But Bernard must also have been the source of another explanation, reported by ’s, and also published his prints through him.

In other words she was not really concerned with their art historical value.

The introduction that preceded the letters was consequently strictly biographical and, as such, the first really extensive description of the artist’s life based on the accounts and memories of reliable witnesses.

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