Dating in canary wharf

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Ride the underground in London and you will soon be confronted with the wallpaper of dating site adverts that adorn its filthy interior.‘Katie and Ben met for a quick coffee in between the Monday morning meeting and the working lunch! ‘Look at their beautiful yuppie faces, temporarily stretched from their usual expression of stress and fear into forced grins for the benefit of the camera!

Go on a Tinder date and chances are you’ll get what I got: one free drink and an evening with a man called Aristoteles who spoke in hipster-cliche speak as if he was a living dating profile (‘What brought you to London? ’ ‘I work’) before attempting to kiss me as I stood unamusedly in a pile of abandoned Mc Donald’s fries on Essex Road.The stigma of online dating is dropping off as the generation who grew up embroiled in social media enter Real Adulthood (not the adulthood that technically exists between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one in university halls, but the kind incurring fast-paced jobs and H&M suits and perpetual loneliness.) Canadian-owned and astronomically successful free dating website Plentyof was launched in 2003 and by 2008 was being profiled in , as journalists openly wondered how founder Markus Frind managed to purge 30 per cent of its customers for inactivity per year and yet double the number of members overall.As of May 2013, Plentyof Fish had 3.3m daily users and, 70 per cent of its traffic was coming from mobile phones.Men now post their height next to their photographs, so common is it for a woman’s first question to be ‘How tall are you?’ Gap year photos of recently graduated students with baby tigers abound (guilty.) And then there are the faintly misogynistic monologues that accompany some profiles – one man who was ‘matched’ with me had the following paragraph after a lengthy description of himself: ‘Don’t be one of those dullistas who finds it awkward to summarise her ‘personality’ in prose.Offer available for stay until the 31st of May 2017 and bookable until the 28th of May 2017. Guest will receive a glass of Prosecco or a cocktail of the day per person depending on stocks once during the stay.

Only le Club Accor Hotels member will get 10% off their total restaurant bill during their stay.

Instead, it just looks like a big, i Phone-shaped marketing device tailored to a sad and uniquely (dis)connected generation.

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You may be daddy’s little unique snowflake but saying that makes you sound inarticulate, not refreshingly honest about your ‘personality’.’ Why in both cases the word ‘personality’ was presented in inverted commas seemed to suggest that he wasn’t entirely convinced women had personalities at all.

For something which is intended to make lonely people less lonely, there’s something very depressing about Tinder – and it goes beyond the natural consternation an awkward-looking person naturally feels when realising that the only dating market they have time to enter is entirely looks-oriented.

They say that the course of true love never runs smooth.

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