Dating human pasy biologicaly

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As Hammer and colleagues write in their recent report, "Given recent fossil evidence, however, the greatest opportunity for introgression was in Africa" where anatomically modern humans and various archaic forms co-existed for much longer than they did outside of Africa."We estimate that the archaic DNA fragments that survive in modern African genomes come from a form or forms that diverged from the common ancestor of anatomically modern humans 700 thousand to 1 million years ago," said Hammer."This archaic genetic material is more prevalent in west-central African populations, possibly reflecting a hybridization event or process that took place in central Africa," he said.

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The past is present when it comes to human evolution.

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NSF funds reach all 50 states through grants to nearly 2,000 colleges, universities and other institutions.

Each year, NSF receives more than 48,000 competitive proposals for funding and makes about 12,000 new funding awards.

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