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Within the application and admission periods we have a lot of work.

These granitic rocks are metaluminous to weakly peraluminous and have a pronounced A-type geochemical signature with high Na ages for both Nd and Hf isotopes.An overview of the number of applications you can find in this figure.If you have a German school leaving certificate (Abitur), you can apply directly at Humboldt.Geochemical and isotopic data suggest that these A-type granitic rocks were generated largely by partial melting of granulitized Mesoproterozoic metamorphic basement rocks (including parametamorphic and orthometamorphic rocks), with a possible input of mantle-derived materials and followed by subsequent fractional crystallization.Our new data together with previous published data suggest that the Cretaceous A-type granitic rocks with ages between 137 Ma and 122 Ma occurred along the Gan-Hang Belt, indicating an important Mesozoic extensional event in Southeast China. Global Change Geography will gain profound knowledge of current research questions, approaches and insights regarding the interactions between environment and society in the context of global change.

In addition, the specialization of scientific key skills such as scientific writing and presenting, the analysis of primary literature as well as special language skills in English is a major a two-year master programme.

You can make three applications and mong these one application for a higher semester.

If you have a school leaving certificate you made within the EU or EEA, you can apply at uni-assist.

0.13 ka as marsh sediment after the sea level highstand since the mid-Holocene.

From the evidence in historical coastline records, the PJ sand dune is an inland sand dune and not a coastal sand dune.

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