Dating girl with hairy legs

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Dating girl with hairy legs - andy baldwin dating marla maples

I’ve been struggling with the whole body hair issue since I was a teenager.

Because if her legs are hairy, she's not going home with the guy, no matter how good the date is. Now it's your turn: Do you (or did you, if you're in a relationship) always bother shaving for your first dates?By my mid 20s I was pretty recognisable as a butch woman.At this point I had given up on dating men for the time being.By the time I was 27 and figured out that I was actually a guy (that explains everything), I was pretty fed up with the whole body hair issue.It was a blessed relief to be able to let it all go. I didn’t start taking male hormones until I was 29, and in those two years I was still constantly perceived as a hairy woman.I’ve come up against just about all the prejudices around body hair that you can think of.

When I was a teenager and presenting as a straight woman (alas, I didn’t know that other options existed), I was faced with all the usual nonsense about body hair and what is considered ‘feminine’ or ‘appropriate’.By the time I turned 30 I could just about pass as a 16 year old boy.This presented another struggle when trying to date queer women.Like the economy, the holidays have been making me feel just a little more single.Which is why I believe I've had dating on the brain recently.Thanks to the mainstream media, peer pressure and the sealed section of Cosmopolitan, I did what was expected and shaved my legs and armpits.

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