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The research suggests that flirting could be a sign of underlying relationship dynamics, but it is an incomplete story.Flirting is not the only way that couples can enact the important relationship maintenance behaviors that sustain healthy partnerships.

Whether through nonverbal signs (e.g., smiles, eye contact) or well-crafted words, flirting often serves as a casual way — usually with little social risk — to test out another person's feelings: Is she attracted to me? Through a careful dance of mutual flirtation, two people can move a relationship from platonic to romantic.

Other behaviors (e.g., showing support and understanding, giving your partner cheerfulness and positivity, etc.) are also instrumental to successful partnerships.

The nice thing about flirting is that it is an behavior, which means that people choose to do it.

For example, the research suggests that married couples use display flirting in order to promote intimacy by creating a "private world" with each other, and that they use it to initiate sex (Frisby & Booth-Butterfield, 2012).

Flirting also appears to play a role in relationship functioning through its ability to actively maintain the high quality of a relationship.

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