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” Originally built beside the Millstone River in New Jersey, the house was owned for many years by a pair of married architects.“They had kept it up as best they could, but it was continuing to flood. The 1,800-square-foot home was moved to the Crystal Bridges grounds and restored. “The frame, the structure, everything is from the original house.” It’s a Usonian, one of some 60 moderately priced homes first built by Wright in the 1930s.

Among the many rarely seen works featured in the exhibit are images from his “Flowers” series and a late-period, largely monochrome landscape of an erupting Vesuvius.“Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy,” she explains, “was that he wanted to make [such homes] affordable for all Americans.” Crystal Bridges is the largest museum in America dedicated entirely to American art, and we stroll all afternoon among masterpieces from the Colonial period to Jackson Pollack and beyond.I learned to drive in the mountains of Tennessee, so I have a lot of fun as Highway 62 shimmies through the Ozarks. We share the road with convoys of motorcyclists and the occasional high-end sports car.Northwest Arkansas’ most exotic residents live in an exclusive, 459-acre mountaintop community called Turpentine Creek. “It took over a year of design and fundraising,” says Mc Cormick. We give them good nutrition and the proper medical care they need,” she says.There, more than 60 tigers, 17 cougars, and a few other big cats are tended by a dedicated staff of professionals who greet more than 40,000 visitors a year. They don’t make good pets.” Mc Cormick got her start here 17 years ago, as one of the first class of interns at the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. “We had a pair of architects from near Eureka Springs who donated all of the design work for us, which was worth thousands of dollars.” Although it started out as a big cat refuge, the current star of Turpentine Creek is Bam Bam, a grizzly bear who was rescued from captivity in Oklahoma. From Zeus the White Tiger to Brodie the Lion, they all have their stories of hardship and rescue.“That’s the whole concept,” says Harry Hoffman, who has been greeting visitors at the chapel for the past 12 years. It blends with its surroundings, in this case, a forest.

The American Institute of Architects chose this as the fourth-best design of the twentieth century.

“When you’re inside, you have these grand views of the landscape,” says Beth Bobbitt, the museum’s public relations manager. In terms of collecting and interpreting American art for a large audience, that just didn’t exist. When Crystal Bridges opened in 2011, Alligood organized the first exhibition, called “State of the Art.” He traveled the country, visiting 1,000 artists in their studios to choose 227 contemporary works for the blockbuster show.

“When you’re out on the trails, you’re going to run into Robert Indiana’s LOVE and other sculptures on the path.” Crystal Bridges was the brainchild of Alice Walton, daughter of Walmart founder Sam. During our visit, the big attraction was “Warhol’s Nature,” which presented a side of the artist rarely seen.

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