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We are not lost, we are here and we will always be here.

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The National Healing Center will be a resource center for Native American Indians to learn about our historical trauma and with healing through the arts, address the trauma that continues to plague our lives with Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Mental Health, Physical Health, Emotional Health and Spiritual Health issues, in our present daily living.NOTE: this excerpt is from, the website of the American Art Therapy Association Introduction American Indians are challenged today with finding health and healthy lifestyles.We are impacted by significant health disparities, where poverty, poor health, early death, and inadequate healthcare delivery prevail. The following is reported by the Indian Health Service: □ The American Indian and Alaska Native people have long experienced lower health status when compared with other Americans.Educational requirements include: theories of art therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy; ethics and standards of practice; assessment and evaluation; individual, group, and family techniques; human and creative development; multicultural issues; research methods; and practicum experiences in clinical, community, and/or other settings.Art therapists are skilled in the application of a variety of art modalities (drawing, painting, sculpture, and other media) for assessment and treatment.From our traditional and cultural practices and utilizing the healing through art concepts, we will develop a culturally relevant framework and best practices to enhance our well being and address present trauma and heal through art and performing art as a way to express our feelings.

Broken Treaties Our broken treaties plague our lives today, with the introduction of the fire water that pierced our people’s lives with chaos and confusion.

assimilation era, reservation era, boarding school era, relocation etc.).

We continue to suffer from a high incidence of alcoholism and substance abuse which can be often connected to a loss of identity, the breakdown of the Indian family, poverty and hopelessness.

We will develop a national network of professionals, traditional healers and cultural specialists to create a network for Indian people to access what is needed to help their communities address wellness and health.

Our resource is our cultural and traditional ways, and by working with the contemporary art forms, traditional art forms, we will provide a safe environment to express our thoughts and feelings without criticism.

Genocide lies, and thievery are the tricks of the white man to us and our ancestors.