Dating direct affinity weekend

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Dating direct affinity weekend

Some of the best memories are from tough times, like the year we couldn’t afford a Christmas tree so I selected a tumbleweed from the yard, sprayed it with fake snow, and decorated it instead.

I remember being so excited when I got the cassette tape of Le Ann Rimes “Blue” album under the tree that year.One of the family’s absolute favorite Christmas memories was from 2004.My little brother grew up imagining himself as various movie characters throughout his childhood, dressing up in outfits and demanding we call him Davey Crockett, Zorro, Tarzan, Mowgli, or the Lone Ranger – depending on the theme of the day.When looking to the future of barrel horse breeding, it’s only right to look first at the stallions that walked the walk – the ones that actually made it to the NFR.While running and cow-breds (and the constant debate comparing the two) are still ever popular, more and more often we are seeing successful barrel horses produced by other successful barrel horses.We all wheeled it to the front yard, and mom handed me the video camera so I could film Orin’s first ride.

Orin hopped on, but had trouble getting the kick start to work. Mom, ever a self-sufficient woman, announced, “ is how you do it! She gave a mighty kick and to everyone’s delight the bike suddenly roared to life.

It’s been a busy week for me, trying to condense five years worth of pedigree data into one place, but I think I’ve finally managed it (somewhat) to my satisfaction. Barrel Horse Bloodlines December is often a time when mare owners start shopping around for a stallion to breed their mare the following year.

Frequently stallion owners offer discounts if breedings are booked before New Years, and sometimes you’ll see NFR discounts for stallions that sired the current year’s qualifying horses.

My brother and I stood there, open-mouthed, both of us paralyzed and silenced in shock as we waited to see if there was any movement from Mom. She stood up a little unsteadily, hair tangled and covered in dried Bermuda grass, dirt stains on her lower legs. And that is the story of the Christmas I probably screwed up our family’s chance at a ,000 Funniest Home Videos prize. The 2015 NFR enters it’s fifth day today, and I’ve been hitting Youtube each morning to check out the previous night’s barrel racing rounds. As of the fourth round, Lisa and Louie have taken a k lead and NFR newcomers Sarah Rose Mc Donald and Fame Fling N Bling (Bling) are hot on their trail.

Moral of the story, always turn on your video camera! Bling is quickly becoming one of my favorite horses to watch.

The front tire launched itself towards the sky, and we all heard the William Tell Overture begin playing in our heads.