Dating deal breakers article

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Dating deal breakers article

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Someone who looks around the bar you’re in and says, “Everyone in here looks like a twat.”13. If you went back to their house and discovered they were someone who couldn’t be bothered to open their curtains during the day.15. When you realise you’ve been on a date with them for two hours and have only spoken about their gap year in Thailand which sounded like it was amazing, but still.25.

Then there are the Libras of the world, who simply hope to meet a kind-hearted person to fall in love with.

Keep reading to find out the harsh truths and to what extent these deal breakers are essential in your life and may impact a future relationship.

Cancer: Emotional, sensitive Crabs see the world with compassion, so they have a hard time being around people who don’t share their sympathetic perspective.

They’re also extremely family oriented, so if their date isn’t, that’s a good sign that things may not go very far.

And are those little quirks enough to send you packing or do you stick it out to see where a new relationship will go?

Our Social Media Manager, Caitlin Timson, and our Editorial Assistant, Kelly Etz, chat about their own deal breakers and hear from a few of our readers.

Pisces: Pisces is extremely sensitive and peace loving, so they won’t stay long with someone who doesn’t take feelings into consideration or wants to fight over nothing.

Another dating deal breaker for the Fish is someone who wants to know too much information too soon.

Aries: Aries are self-assured and driven, and like to be around people who share those same traits. Dating someone who throws all caution to the wind in their daily life or who makes decisions without thinking them through probably won’t be a long-term match for the Bull.

If you’re a devoted couch potato or can’t put up with a little heated discussion from time to time, you may not be the Ram’s ideal match. Gemini: The Twins are quick-witted and love good conversation.

Aquarius: Always a bit eccentric and imaginative in their thinking, freethinking Aquarius looks for dates with open minds and long-term vision.

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