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The President or one-third of members of parliament can initiate vote of no confidence, but only once in a parliament session.The composition of Cabinet is determined by the Parliament of Ukraine on the petition of the Prime Minister of Ukraine (with exception of Minister of Defence and Minister of Foreign Affairs, which candidates are proposed by the President).

Over the sessions presides the Prime Minister of Ukraine, while in his(hers) absent – the First Vice Prime Minister.The current Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is since 14 April 2016 the Groysman government.The number of ministries in the cabinet has changed over time, some ministries were abolished, others combined with others or degraded to state committees or agencies.The legislation on Labor and State Service do not cover regulations of Cabinet's members.Positions of Cabinet of Ministers are political and are regulated by the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.The sessions of the Cabinet are considered plenipotentiary if more than a half of the Cabinet's members participate in them.

In case if a minister cannot participate at the sessions he or she may be replaced by a deputy with a consultative capacity.

The presidium of Cabinet is composed of the Prime Minister of Ukraine presiding over the Cabinet and assisted by his First Vice Prime and other Vice Prime ministers.

The Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers ensures the operations of the cabinet.

The Cabinet is a collegiate body consisting of the Cabinet's presidium composed of five individual and several ministries that are represented by their respective minister.

Some ministries may be headed by members of the Cabinet presidium (Vice Prime Ministers).

The Cabinet issues resolutions and orders that are mandatory for execution.