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It describes Franklin’s phone call about the death of Christina Melinda Gaston, 34, the managing director of Chamber Fest Cleveland and a recent former employee of the museum.In response to questions about the report, Kestner said Wednesday night that the museum had learned in early October of the document and what he called “a dating relationship," and that the information moved the museum’s board to act in relation to Franklin.

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Artists represented in Spectacles include: Criss Mills Peter Campus Ed Tannenbaum Lucinda Bunnen Marty Emanuel Barry Le Va Larry Bell Beverly Buchanan Robert Morris Chuck Clark Throughout the exhibition __ a succession of chambers, one leading to the next __ visitors are introduced to the elements that go into making art, and are asked to think about art’s starting points and building blocks __ ideas, media and materials, the visual elements, etc.“Spaces and Illusions” 1980 “This is not a pipe” could be the subtitle of “Spaces and Illusions”, an exhibition dedicated to the exploration of space, in relationship to the world of art.Among the aspects explored in the exhibition are perspective, a perspectival space, orientation, point of view, perception, depth, scale, and color. the power of process of receiving conscious sense impressions through direct stimulation of the bodily organism of the sense organs: as hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling are sensations. an immediate reaction to external stimulation of a sense organ; conscious feeling or sense impression: as a sensation of cold. a generalized feeling or reaction, often vague and without reference to immediate stimulus: as, a sensation of happiness.CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The chairman of the Cleveland Museum of Art confirmed Wednesday that an extramarital affair with a museum employee, who committed suicide in April, led to David Franklin’s resignation on Monday as the institution’s director. Steven Kestner, the museum board chairman, said on Monday that Franklin resigned for “personal reasons.” On Wednesday, Kestner said that the museum became aware in early October of a Cleveland Heights police report stating that Franklin called the police just after midnight on Monday, April 29 to report the suicide by hanging of a then-former museum employee with whom he was later widely rumored to be having an affair.The Plain Dealer obtained a copy of the police report on Wednesday.“We believe that it would have been irresponsible to take action based solely on rumors.”Kestner’s written statement continued: “In early October, for the first time and based on new information, the Board confirmed that a dating relationship had existed with a former employee during and after her employment at the Museum.

Once the relationship was confirmed in early October, the Board acted expeditiously.”Kestner said in the interview that the new information included the April 29 police report, the medical examiner's report from the autopsy following Gaston’s suicide, and other information he did not specify. We just got all of this very recently.”Kestner declined in the interview to say how the information precipitated Franklin’s departure, or whether the relationship with Gaston while she was an employee was a violation of museum policy or of Franklin’s contract.A written statement Kestner provided by email briefly before the interview stated that rumors reached the museum’s board of trustees in January that Franklin, of Shaker Heights, who is married to textile artist Antonia Reiner and has two children, had been having an affair with Gaston.Kestner said the museum hired an outside lawyer in January to investigate the rumors, which Franklin denied. “The inquiry yielded no credible evidence to substantiate an inappropriate relationship and the inquiry was closed at that time,” Kestner wrote in his statement.Each chamber is devoted to a theme or to elements such as line and motion, light and space, color and shapes, illusions, viewpoints, etc.All works are interactive, in the sense that each would pique the viewer’s curiosity, impelling him to participate actively in it, moving from the delight of the initial experience of the piece, to an exploration of its underlying ideas, its effects, or its means.Klikając lub nawigując w tej witrynie, wyrażasz zgodę na gromadzenie przez nas informacji na Facebooku i poza nim przy użyciu plików cookie.

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