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The National Arts Festival offers a wide programme over ten days, with hundreds of exhibitions and performances.

Furthermore, it would happen more often than not that said typical classic rock fan would identify themselves as a "big Pink Floyd fan." Years and years after first getting seriously into the band, the distortion of the band's history by the classic rock radio community as a whole continues to greatly bother me.

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The town is best known for the Grahamstown Arts Festival.

Venues are set up all across the city and the town becomes a hive of activity from early morning trading of food and crafts to late night live music concerts and shows.

Given the fact that the band has its own wing in the R&R Hall of Fame (run by Rolling Stone), you'd think that would mean that RS loves their catalogue, throwing out stars to them in a way reserved only for the Beatles and the Stones. A look at the shows that DSOTM and WYWH get 5 stars, Piper at the Gates of Dawn and The Wall get 4 a piece, and all the rest 2 or 3.

Given that the guide makes it a point to denounce the remainder of the band's catalogue as experimental garbage, it confuses me how a set of four albums can somehow merit this much praise.History enthusiasts will be interested to learn that George is the sixth oldest town in South Africa and has many historical landmarks to be visited: The Slave Tree, an ancient English Oak planted by Landdrost van Kervel, King Edward VII Library building and the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the country.The Outeniqua Transport Museum houses replicas of old stations, displays of locomotives and coaches – well worth a visit!This is a band that makes no freaking sense, and I love them for it.History has done a really strange job of treating the band's legacy, though.On the one hand, anybody who has ever listened to a classic rock station has had some level of exposure to them.

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