Danny wood dating anyone

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Danny wood dating anyone

But one thing is for sure: while we once led the world in tackling air pollution, we are now failing to live up to internationally accepted standards.Much has been made in recent months about diesel engines, and how they have been emitting higher levels of harmful nitrogen oxides than official tests suggest — partly as a result of cheating on the tests admitted by VW, but suspected among other manufacturers, too.

The sulphur content of diesel fuel has been reduced.The tragedy is that we seemed to have defeated smog once already.There was a time when air pollution such as London and the South-East has experienced this week would have been considered normal.But in the past few years we have started in some ways to go backwards.Last year, the World Health Organisation reported that 39 towns and cities in the UK had breached what are regarded as safe levels of PM2.5 emissions.The irony is that motorists were encouraged through low tax rates set by the Blair government to buy diesel — on the grounds that diesel engines emit less carbon dioxide.

But the encouragement of wood-burning is a bigger scandal.

Wood was one of the fuels prohibited in the Clean Air Act from being burned in smokeless zones.

But there is an exemption which allows it to be burned in appliances approved by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Anyone with heart and lung conditions has been advised to avoid strenuous exercise and asthma sufferers warned to have their inhalers at the ready.

And it’s not just London — this week’s smog in the capital is part of a much wider problem of air pollution in Britain, costing thousands of lives a year.

But how many of them can see the connection between the ‘irresistible ambience’ and the decision by London Mayor Sadiq Khan this week to declare a ‘very high’ pollution alert?