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A second season aired in the US from June 5 to August 14, 2012.

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Then the remaining ones are critiqued by Robert Ulrich and Zach Woodlee, and also in the second season by Nikki Anders, about their performances. 8 of the first season.) Then the bottom three contestants are revealed as others are added to the callback list.He played Wade Adams, a transgender member of the rival Vocal Adrenaline show choir, and appeared briefly in "Props", returning a few more times before transferring to Mc Kinley High for the series' fourth season and becoming a series regular for its fifth season.Mc Ginty, Larsen, Pearce and Newell were chosen to sing on the 2011 Glee Christmas album, Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2.Afterwards, the eliminated contestant sings lead vocals in "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne with the remaining contestants singing the background vocals.Although originally planned to begin broadcasting in late May 2011, The Glee Project premiered on June 12, 2011, and aired a two-hour extended premiere where the first hour showed the audition process and selection of the twelve contenders, and the second hour was the first episode of the series.Each episode of The Glee Project is given an overall theme and covers events that have taken place in about the time span of a week. Contestants are given a "homework assignment" that entails learning and practicing segments of a chosen song.

At the beginning of each episode, contestants perform their respective parts of the song in front of a mystery guest judge from the Glee cast.

During the next to last episode of each season Ryan didn’t include the mentors in this, instead he invited co-creator Ian Brennan to join him.

In the final episodes, Murphy, Woodlee, Ulrich, Anders, and Brennan were also joined by several of the guest mentors, writers, and cast members.

Larsen debuted on Glee in the thirteenth episode, "Heart", as a transfer student named Joe Hart, also appearing beyond his original seven-episode stint.

Newell's first appearance was in the April 17, 2012 episode "Saturday Night Glee-ver".

They are then each assigned a different song that they will perform in hopes of being "saved".

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