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You're correct to point out that Jesus equates lust in the heart with the act of adultery.What's more, He follows this up, just five verses later, by making allowances for divorce where or extra-marital sex has invaded a marriage relationship.

Whatever you do, resist the temptation to get caught up in petty arguments about "grounds for divorce." That will only cloud the issue.By using a "virtual reality suit," for example, they can stop just short of the physical act itself. And the word "adultery" naturally comes to mind when one of the parties involved in such an illicit and sexually oriented "relationship" happens to be a married man.That's just reason for suggesting that "cybersex" may be a more serious problem than mere lustful fantasy.He claims that there's nothing adulterous about this kind of activity. It seems to us that you're actually wrestling with two separate issues.According to him, it's just another form of sexual fantasy. First, does so-called "cybersex" differ in any significant way from simple sexual fantasy?It's true that many "virtual" sexual encounters are kept strictly anonymous. Sometimes participants, egged on by the intensity of their feelings, take the next step by exchanging personal information.

When this happens, there is a strong possibility that the affair will eventually take a very real and physical turn indeed.It's possible that the "reality" of "virtual sex" is largely in the eye of the beholder.Some participants may approach it as a genuine interpersonal encounter with meaningful relational overtones.There are clinical factors to be taken into account as well.According to Focus on the Family's professional counseling staff, the road to recovery is likely to be much longer and more complicated for an individual engaged in an ongoing interpersonal cyber-affair than it is for a porn addict.That's because "relationship" at any level implies a degree of emotional entanglement.

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