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Labour MPs have stuck with failing leaders until the very end before, like Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown, so such public acts of defiance are remarkable.But not turning up to debates won't stop the Corbynistas; they plough on regardless.

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There's no use trying to break away if so, she made out, declaring with thinly-veiled menace that it "didn't go well" when four Labour moderates broke away in 1981 to form the SDP.

This radicalised grassroots could be Mr Corbyn's greatest weapon, potentially saving his leadership and scaring hostile MPs into submission as they won't want to face the abuse or threat of deselection.

If keeping control means sidelining centre-Left MPs, or even driving them out entirely, he won't be too upset.

Diane Abbott led the attack this morning ahead of Mr Corbyn's official leadership launch by going on the Today programme to tear into Owen Smith, the man moderates hope could wrest control of Labour.

The Shadow Health Secretary scoffed at Mr Smith's "distasteful" career before politics working for the pharmaceutical firms Pfizer and Amgen.

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But the prospect of such factionalism has horrified moderates like Owen Smith, who claimed on Twitter that John Mc Donnell thought a split could be useful "if that's what it takes" to ensure Mr Corbyn can go on leading in peace.

he Shadow Chancellor denied such claims, but his response suggested he wasn't fussed about being a unifier.

They think back to Michael Foot's leadership with nostalgia, ignoring the fact that he led the party to one of its worst election defeats in history.

Instead they feel the fact he won over 8 million votes proves there is an appetite for unadulterated socialism.

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