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Creation ministries radiometric dating - Asia eroctic chat

Often, geological formations, layers of rock or sedimentary material, encompass large regions.If a study of the entire formation determines there is good certainty the entire formation was laid down during the same period, then varied regions within the formation are presumed, not unreasonably, to be of the same age.

Evolution is the theory that generations of animal and plant species alter and transform over time in response to changes in their environment and circumstances, a process known as natural selection.

Additionally the wording tends to reflect the sense of the comments I’ve been receiving.

I stated that I was not going to respond to his lengthy comment all at once, but would piece my response out in manageable bites.

Jim Mason, who has a Ph D in experimental nuclear physics from Mc Master University, will start the weekend off with a brunch at Pastor Ted Goossen's Christian Centre Fellowship at 10 a.m.

Saturday, asking the question, "Does the Bible Conflict with Science? area retired nuclear physicist, who lectures on the evangelical church circuit as a young Earth creationist with Creation Ministries International (CMI)-Canada, will be in Thompson April 14-15.

If I pursue this dialog in the manner of David’s choosing I will be left with putting hours of response for each of David’s links to nowhere. Why am I not pursuing each of David’s links in turn and spinning out long analyses of each point in these long chains? If anybody reading this wants analysis of a particular claim by David or by any of the sources he has linked to, then I am eager to respond.

My preference would be to have a dialog with somebody who has facts in hand and is willing to make an argument based on these facts.

And how is the age of any particular stratum determined ultimately? This is circular reasoning, and such ‘illogic’ would have no validity as ‘evidence’ or be tolerated in any other scientific discipline. Make no mistake: radiometric dating does Grigg’s initial effort is apparently to cast doubt on deep time.

A frequent challenge by creationists, particularly by those adhering to the recent creation of the Earth story in the Bible, is to contradict geologists’ methods for determining the ages of formations.

The initial presumption is that formations on the bottom were laid down prior to formations on the top. This causes some older rock to overlay some younger rock.

In other cases a layer can be folded by horizontal force, causing a region to be completely overturned, reversing the order in which the layers were originally formed.

Intelligent design is the proposition that scientific evidence exists to show that life in its multitudinous forms was caused by the direction of a higher intelligence.

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