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Reply Reporting the following incident at Safeway Store on 150 E El Camino Real in Sunnyvale, CA, 94087: I would like to bring to your attention to a horrendous customer service experience at your Safeway Store in Sunnyvale. Went to the customer service register where you sell moneygrams / western union etc.

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F rating and tired of being harassed from your Aurora office because I am a diabetic.What happened next was absolutely appalling and unacceptable.While walking away, the gentleman “Chris” stated I should have come before 8pm.Reply I have been a good customer for 10 years, ordering up to 0 a month. 12/30/17 I was charged, but received only about half of my order.I called customer service, was on hold for 1 hour, then meticulously listed every item over the phone. Instead, some were still missing and I noticed that I was well overcharged for tomatoes.When you call customer service you wait 30 min to over a hour on hold to speak to a person that is God knows where in this world.

They lie to you and tell you what ever you want to hear to get you off the phone.

Nicki Price who is regional district manager can’t seem to get a control on your incompent pharmacists.

The next time I go into the hospital because of your screwed up pharmacy,m I will go public and have it on national TV where you will pay for it versus Medicare.

And for you AHoles who will say mom and pops don’t deliver – Instacart does!!!!

i’d rather put my money in a business that appreciated it and not the corporate guy who do nothing but fill their pockets.

I paid for 5 Buddig pastrami and instead received 1 beef in its place, making Von’s liable for .94 (4 @ $.99 ea.).

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    Why there is a cautionary statement in the beginning that says it may not be suitable for small children is beyond me.

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    If you were in an actual rowing boat, you could visualize the blade as entering the water and “catching” the weight of its resistance.