Consolidating your student loans

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Consolidating your student loans - Webcam sxs iraq

Depending on your school, you might do this online or in-person. You can see a “tour” version of federal student loan exit counseling that is full of helpful information.Pay Attention to Details and Paperwork Make sure you read everything you receive about your loans and understand your loan terms.

But this may allow you to postpone your payments and ease your current cash crunch.

For example, are your interest rates fixed (meaning that they will stay the same for the duration of the loan) or variable (meaning that they can change, possibly making it harder for you to budget your monthly payments)?

Understanding the terms of your loans will help you avoid potential complications.

Remind yourself what you’re paying for — a college education. It helps open career doors, and it helps you grow as a person.

And don’t forget — college graduates have greater job opportunities and still earn more money on average.

If you pay it off in five years, you’ll save ,993. Or, depending on where you live, a full year or two of rent.

Getting rid of your student loan debt also gives you a lot of freedom — the freedom to take a lower-paying job that you care about more, the freedom to travel, even the freedom to take on other “good” debts — like a mortgage for your first house.Here are some tips to consider when paying off your student loans.Gather all your student loan documents (federal and private) and make sure you know the terms of each loan; including the payment amounts, payment due dates, who you pay and when you need to start repaying (typically 6 months after you leave school).It’s also important to note that defaulting on your student loan can have serious consequences; in fact, not repaying student loan debt can be worse than not repaying other types of debt.Defaulting on your loans can ruin your credit score, making it difficult to do everything from signing up for basic utilities to renting an apartment.Learn how much you need to pay per month in order to pay off your loan within a specific amount of time.