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Consolidating pdf documents - m i l f dating

Just drag all of the PDF and image files that you want to consolidate into the main window.The PDF (or image) files will be combined in the same order that you see in the window (from top to bottom).

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This makes adding pages to a scanned document easy and convenient, especially when you have scanned multiple files into one PDF document and forgot to include a page.Please remember, this software is designed to run only on Mac OSX.Supported OSs for the PDF Consolidation Utility can be found in the left hand column of this page. You will receive a link to the PDF consolidation utility automatically by email.The program will prompt you to specify a file name for the consolidated PDF file.That file will appear on your desktop when the program completes. At this time, we are not selling rights to the PDF consolidation software. Please download the Free Trial software to find out if you can use our software to consolidate multiple PDF files into one single PDF file on your Mac.The rep could not have been more knowledgeable or helpful. And I want to tell you that my S1300i scanner is the most wonderful, useful, practical, terrific tool, appliance or machine I have ever owned.

Once all the PDF and image files are loaded, simply highlight the file, and drag it up or down in the window.

After the ‘Combine Files’ box opens, add a document that you would like to combine.

Then, continue to add as many documents which you would like into one PDF file.

To insert each pages, open your first PDF file, and then use these keys at the same time: Command Shift I A window will open and you can select all your files you want to insert.

You can also change the order of these pages by opening the "page thumbnail" panel on your left, and simply drag them where you want them.

If you right-click there you will see other options, including inserting pages exactly where you want, between 2 other pages for example.

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