Consolidating ira accounts

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Consolidating ira accounts - Hairy video

Moving accounts requires calling 401(k) providers -- navigating complex phone trees, waiting on hold, and talking to customer service reps who give you different answers to the same question each time you call their 800 number.

In that event, you can get the 20% refunded if you complete the rollover within 60 days.In most cases, investors are best served by consolidating old 401(k) accounts into a single IRA rollover account. We recently helped a new client sort through the administrative maze required to consolidate old 401(k) accounts into a single IRA rollover.It is not a difficult process but if you are not an investment advisor who is armed with the right questions and knows which forms are needed, it can be a bit daunting and frustrating.The survey was hosted and administered by TNS between October 21 and November 22, 2010.Find out the potential benefits of creating a rollover IRA to consolidate multiple employer-sponsored retirement plans.Since you are likely to change jobs many times throughout your career, you could end up with many overlapping investment portfolios rather than one well-balanced master plan.

This small and scattered approach increases the potential for asset leakage and ineffective portfolio management, which can cut into the eventual value of your holdings.

If you spend the lump-sum distribution rather than reinvest it in another tax-qualified retirement account, you'll have to declare the full value of the lump sum as income and pay the full tax at filing time - at a rate of up to 35% depending on your eventual tax bracket.

In addition, the IRS generally imposes a 10% penalty tax on withdrawals taken before age 55 from an employer-sponsored plan and age 59½ from an IRA.

Here's a brief overview that highlights some of the key benefits of a rollover IRA compared with an employer-sponsored plan.

One common goal of planning for a lump-sum distribution is averting unnecessary tax withholding.

Changing jobs is a busy time so thinking about what to do with your old 401(k) is often not a priority.

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