Consolidating government services

28-Apr-2020 12:40 by 6 Comments

Consolidating government services

The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) is forcing agencies to shut down data centers that are no longer needed, and enhance those that remain.Virtualizing critical applications delivers strategic benefits, and is a key step toward cloud service delivery.

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Cooperation, shared services, and full-scale municipal mergers are even more important today, as cuts in state and federal aid squeeze cities and other communities.

These interconnected regional economies cross city, county, and even state lines.

Click here to read more Blade editorials The Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments regularly invites experts to talk to its members about sharing services.

Indianapolis and Portland, Ore., have provided some of the boldest examples of metropolitan government.

Even Grand Rapids, Mich., is way ahead of northwest Ohio.

Local governments, in the Toledo area and around the country, must become more regional in how they deliver services, tax residents, and plan investment and development.

Like the residents of northwest Ohio, most Americans live in metropolitan regions — some with economies the size of small nations.Are township governments — creatures of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 — even necessary today?Nearly 10 years ago, the Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform recommended, essentially, eliminating townships and shifting their responsibilities to counties.TMACOG also occasionally sponsors sessions on regional collaboration.That’s all good, but TMACOG, as this region’s metropolitan planning organization, can take a stronger role in encouraging shared services, promoting best practices, and building the trust it takes to negotiate them.These applications also require high levels of security, resiliency, performance and operational efficiency.

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